Western Michigan University

Senior Living Campuses

For boomers and GenX’ers, interest in environmental sustainability is increasing. Senior living facilities with LEED certified buildings, geothermal heating and cooling systems, resident-initiated recycling programs, community gardens, and innovative storm management systems that benefit the surrounding community are drawing seniors and their families. According to AARP surveys, such measures are important to a large segment of older Americans, although many traditional retirement communities have high maintenance landscapes and manicured lawns that use chemical fertilizers and herbicides, and water — an increasingly scarce resource. That’s why forward-thinking retirement communities are offering residents greener buildings, natural outdoor areas, and a focus on walkability to promote a high quality of life.

OCBA can work with you to create beautiful, environmentally responsive design solutions for your senior living campus that preserve and enhance our unique southwest Michigan landscape; provide environmentally responsible stormwater management systems; and offer walkable open space areas that have positive health impacts and can be enjoyed by residents and guests alike.

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