Camp Master Plans

When it is time to create or update your camp master plan, you want your vision, your strategic plan and the voice of your stakeholders and donors to be reflected. You want to integrate nationwide new trends and best practices. You want to maintain your camp’s distinctive personality. And you need to have construction happen while your camp continues to operate as usual. You need a  partner who knows how to develop a both aspirational and realistic master plan.

We work directly with you to:

  1. Develop a clear understanding of your project goals.
  2. Create the master plan in partnership with you using the charrette process, an efficient and cost-effective collaboration tool.
  3. Guide the process to generate excitement for the project while bringing everyone together with a common goal and vision.
  4. Update the master plan every 10 years to keep it relevant.


– Nationwide leader in youth resident and day camp master planning since 1995.
– Developed master plans for more than 40 non-profit organizations.
– Knowledge of building and development codes, regulations, and restrictions
– Michigan-based consortium of landscape architects and architects bring a wealth of experience with:


Dual-Purpose Design Meetings
Participatory Process Facilitation
Who Are Your Planning For?

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