Project Description


Western Michigan University
David W. Dakin II, AIA, AUA
Director- Campus Planning

50 years after creating the original master plan to develop a pond in Goldsworth Valley for stormwater management, OCBA was once again selected by Western Michigan University to work in the Valley. A new Valley Dining Center was being constructed adjacent to the stormwater management pond, which had become stagnant and full of algae from sediment loading over the years. OCBA partnered with Kieser & Associates, Environmental Scientists, to develop a master plan to improve the water quality of the pond, increase the quality and quantity of native plant borders, and enhance the visual quality of the entire valley.

Pond dredging, new stormwater outfalls, and expansive bioretention areas provide improved water quality in the stormwater management pond. A new pedestrian bridge, sidewalks, and an updated picnic shelter that reflects the architectural character of the adjacent Valley Dining Center offer improved student activity areas. Removal of invasive species, enhancement of existing plantings and the addition of new native plantings update the aesthetics of the entire valley.

OCBA served as the lead consultant for the project, providing site design and team oversight throughout the project duration. Kieser & Associates provided dredging plans and DEQ permitting; Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber provided snow melt system and site lighting design; Slocum Architects provided architectural design of the picnic shelter; and Nehil Sivak provided structural design. The project was completed at the beginning of the 2016 fall semester.