Project Description


Meridian Township Parks Department

OCBA was retained by the Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Department to develop a master plan for the 280-acre Central Park.  The park currently serves residents with nature trails, athletic fields, and picnic areas, and as the location of the Farmer’s Market, Nokomis Learning Center, Township Hall and Meridian Historic Village.  However, the use areas are disconnected, separated by the over 200 acres of wetland that dominate the site.  Project goals included creating non-motorized connections and universal access, creating an identity for the park, and developing a design that will serve to promote Central Park as a community-wide destination.

The design that developed through a participatory charrette process was based on the concept of confluence.  Every area of the park where trails cross is demarcated with a paved or decked area with benches, trash receptacles, and signage.  Pedestrian entries to the park have a similar treatment and incorporate native landscaping and lighting as well.  A sculpture garden, new farmers’ market, amphitheater, and large covered basketball court which will double as an ice rink in winter are some of the other major features of this $5 million master plan.

GEI Consultants served as a subconsultant to OCBA on the project.