Camp Planning and Design

Creating places to benefit kids

OCBA has been working with non-profit youth camps for more than 20 years to prepare master plans for their camp facilities. Organizations we have worked with include:

  • YMCA Camps
  • Church Camps
  • Girl Scout Camps
  • Boy Scout Camps

The master plans that we create build off of your strategic plan and identify new facilities such as cabin villages, dining halls, and program areas, and improvements to existing facilities. What makes our process unique is that we go to your location and develop the master plan in partnership with you. Our camp planning and design service includes using the charrette process, an efficient and cost-effective tool.  We will expertly guide the process to generate excitement for the project while bringing everyone together with a common goal and vision.  Donors can be involved with this process as well, if desired.   See this article for helpful insight about donor participation.

The OCBA camp master planning team includes, Slocum Architects and Manning Design.

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More About the Camp Planning Process

We strongly believe in the “participatory design” approach for camp master planning. Our team of architects and landscape architects will complete background research and develop a base plan, then come to your camp, tour the facilities, and quickly develop and communicate design ideas graphically over a two to three day period so that camp staff, board members, and other key stakeholders can participate and end up with a strong sense of ownership and pride in a master plan that they helped to develop. The resulting full-color site plans and facility renderings are ready for supporters to start fundraising immediately, so that the momentum that builds during the charrette continues on into your capital campaign.

The OCBA team is a Michigan-based consortium of landscape architects and architects that has been working with Y camps throughout the East Coast and Midwest since 1995. We have helped more than 30 YMCAs and other organizations develop master plans for their resident and day camps using our participatory approach. These plans have both guided development and provided tools for fundraising. In addition we have been involved with implementation of the proposed improvements for many of them. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with camp buildings and programs, and the codes, regulations, and restrictions associated with them. At OCBA we believe that the key to effective camp master planning is to have a clear understanding of project goals and then work directly with our clients to create a plan through which they can be achieved.